Tips for Choosing the Right Packaging Company

October 13, 2023

You Deserve Packaging Materials and Services You Can Rely On

If you’re a business owner or an employee responsible for packaging a valuable product, it can be nerve-wracking to find the best way to package and ship your products without damaging them in transit.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your product might be, if it arrives at your customer’s home or business safely, you can almost guarantee that they will become repeat buyers.

On the other hand, if your products arrive at their destination damaged, or they appear to have been poorly handled, you may not only lose customers, but you might end up distributing refunds instead of additional products.

Packaging Material

The material you use to ship your products is key. Whether you’re looking to ship small items that can fit in a bubble mailer, or you have large, fragile items that require a custom wooden crate, SmartShield’s design and sales teams are available to assist.

With a large selection of commodity packaging materials and supplies and the ability to custom design we will ensure your products are shipped with the utmost care and security.

Shipping & Processing

When you partner with our team at SmartShield, we offer a stock and release program, available for clients who cannot store large quantities of the packing materials they require.

We will stock client custom materials or packagesand hold them ready to deliver to you just in time, so that your shipments are not delayed.

The packages can even be shipped to you ready to simply put your goods in with no assembly required, just open, place product in, and seal! 

Available Branding Options

Designing safe arrivals is so much more than keeping the product safe. It’s about your brand, your company image, and your reputation.

What impact will your product’s packaging have on your recipient?

Well packaged product that arrives in perfect condition, ensures your client will be ultimately satisfied. Whether your logo is printed on the tape, box, bag or crate, or the colors of the packaging materials match your branding, the goal is not only ensuring the product reaches its destination safely and securely, but also recognition of your product, brand, or company.

SmartShield teams work closely with our customers to get an understanding of what is required to create packaging options that offer complete product protection, while also complementing the product or brand.

Partnering With a Variety of Industries

The greatest packaging company is one that has the capacity to work with a variety of industries all over the country. At SmartShield Packaging, we work with the aerospace and automotive industries, manufacturing, military applications, furniture suppliers, medical equipment industries, and we even provide specialty packaging to ship fragile electronic equipment.

There are no products too big, or too small for our experienced and innovative team.

Read some of our testimonials to find out just how we’ve helped different companies throughout every industry find success with their shipping process.

Get Packaging Done Right with SmartShield

At SmartShield we take pride in making our customers smile with packaging done right, therefore, it is our priority to provide our customers with premium quality packaging, for safe storage and transportation of their high-value product.

Whether it is using commodity packaging materials, or constructing complex custom packages, our dedicated team are always willing to share their knowledge, skill, design creativity and expertise to assist you in ensuring ultimate product protection.

Careful precision and design of custom packaging is a common occurrence at SmartShield, and, with custom packaging comes the opportunity for custom printing, your package becomes a marketing opportunity, reinforcing and distinguishing your product, brand image, or company, while also increasing package security.

Contact our sales team for assistance selecting the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and protective method for packaging your products.

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