No matter what your stapling needs, we have the stapling equipment you need to get the job done.

  • Our stapling equipment is available in many different sizes for different stapling jobs.
  • Increase your efficiency with our high-quality staplers.
  • SmartShield Packaging staplers offer safety features to prevent injury while operating.
  • Hand Boxer Manual: low cost and low maintenance
  • Manual Bottomers: recommended for boxes that will be packed elsewhere;
    small quantity in boxes
  • Pneumatic Bottomers: high volume production; efficient; safety foot pedal
  • Hammer Tacker: heavy duty applications (insulation, carpeting, roofing,
    tar paper, poly sheeting, ect.); fast, efficient fastening

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Whether you are looking for a stapler to hold your boxes together or for heavy-duty applications such as, carpeting, we have the stapling equipment you need to help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Our heavy duty staplers are built to last, offering durability and longevity. Contact SmartShield today and let us help you find the best stapling equipment for your businesses needs.


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RE12000 C58, C34 staple Manual Box Stapler
RE13321 C58, C34 staple Bottomer Stapler – Manual
RE13322 C58, C34 staple Side / Bottom Stapler – Manual
RE22000 C58, C34 staple Bottom Stapler – Pneumatic
RE22200 C58, C34 staple Side / Bottom Stapler – Pneumatic
RE23119 ‘G’ Carton Top Coil Stapler – Pneumatic
RE23519 ‘S’ Carton Top Coil Stapler – Pneumatic
RE52110 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ Hammer Tacker
RE61000 H/Duty Plier Stapler