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Bubble wrap is made of flexible and durable cells of sealed air, designed to cushion and protect. It is one of the most common packaging materials, lightweight and reusable, therefore an environmentally friendly and cost saving packaging solution.   
Small cell bubble can carry more weight than large cell and offers greater protection against dents, scrapes, scratches and chips. Large cell bubble is softer than small cell, it is ideal for cushioning delicate items, and its thickness also provides an incredible barrier against shock or vibration, therefore acting as a great void filler.

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  • Available in three thicknesses – 3/16”, 5/16”, 1/2"
  • Custom sizing available – customize the roll with specific slits and perforations for your application.
  • Lightweight – one of the lightest protection materials, insulators and void fillers - save on freight costs.
  • Reusable – great for e-commerce companies offering returns.
  • Versatile and durable – Cushions & protects, shock & impact absorbing,
    abrasion resistant, insulator, void filler.

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Small bubble
is not as soft as large bubble but can support more weight. It is the most popular, or commonly used size. 3/16” bubble has less impact or shock protection than large bubble, it is ideally used for protection against dents, chips, scrapes and scratches.
Common Uses: Protecting glass and chinaware, jewelry, small appliances and digital items including cell phones. With its lightweight and versatile properties, it is often used by moving companies.

Medium bubble is used for heavier or larger items, 5/16” bubble provides more shock absorption than 3/16” while still offering the surface protection that 3/16 bubble offers. 
Common Uses: It’s ideal for wrapping more bulky items that require thicker cushioning including artwork, mirrors and frames, heavier machinery or components.

Large bubble has the greatest shock or impact resistance of all bubble sizes and therefore often used to fill the empty spaces in larger containers to protect grouped items. Its large, 1/2" soft cells are ideal for protecting those extra delicate items, or simply just offering cushioning between layered products. 
Common Uses: These large cells offer great extra thickness void fill for large cases, cartons, containers or crates. Large bubble is also used to protect large pieces of furniture.

Additional Information:
What is bubble wrap?



Specialty Bubble Wrap Options Available:

When should you use anti-static bubble?
Anti-static bubble wrap is used to protect delicate items including computers and sensitive electronic components, preventing damage caused by electrostatic discharge. Once wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap or sealed in anti-static bubble pouches or bags, product is protected from external static electricity. Anti-static bubble is available in rolls, bubble bags or pouches, laminated to poly foam, and in bubble tubing.
For more information on the benefits and options of antistatic bubble visit our Knowledge Center: Anti-Static Packaging

The benefits of bubble wrap laminated to foam: 
When the texture of bubble cells may affect the surface of the item being packaged, a layer of soft polyethylene foam if often used to wrap it first, followed by a layer of bubble wrap to provide the more robust cushioning required to protect the product. Eliminate the need to wrap an item twice, see laminated bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Tubing
Bubble wrap tubing is exactly what it sounds like, a continuous sleeve of bubble wrap, that has the flexibilty to be cut and sealed at your desired length.  Ideal for long or odd shaped items that are difficult to wrap, including light bulbs, wood moldings and metal pipes or tubing. Available in both regular and anti-static materials, also with the option of laminated to foam, single face corrugated or kraft paper.

Cohesive Bubble Wrap 
Cohesive bubble sticks to itself, not to your product. It is used for wrapping and cushioning to protect large or small items from damage or abrasion. Simply wrap or completely encapsulate your product and press to seal, when your item is unpacked no residue will be left behind. Ideal for making your own pouch, simply place your product or products on the bubble and press the sides to form the desired package size. Machine application available. Contact a sales representative for more information on this product.

Did you know bubble wrap has an appreciation day? Did you know that bubble wrap was first invented as a wallpaper? Visit our Knowledge Centre for more information and facts about Bubble Wrap. 

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