Anti Static Packaging Materials

July 14, 2023

What is anti-static packaging?

Anti-static packaging materials prevent the build-up of static electricity; when anti-static material comes in contact with static charges, the static dissipates.

These packaging materials are usually pink in colour and used to protect components that are not sensitive to electrostatic discharge but are going to be used in an electrostatic-sensitive environment.

Anti-static packaging materials will not hold a static charge or generate a static charge.

However, there is no barrier to prevent penetration through the wall of the packaging, therefore, it will not protect the product inside from experiencing electrostatic discharge like static shielding materials do. 

So, what is the purpose of anti-static packaging materials?

These materials are not designed to protect items that are sensitive to static shocks, such as circuit boards, but are intended for storing and transporting items that may be used in an electrostatic-sensitive area, as the material does not carry an electrostatic charge like regular packaging materials would.

The performance of these materials may deteriorate with use and, therefore should be inspected before re-use.

What packaging materials are available with anti-static properties?

anti-static bubble

Bubble wrap – Anti static bubble is available in standard cell sizes and roll widths with slits and perforations if desired. It is commonly used for protecting against impact, as void filler for cushioning in packages, or wrapping fragile items that will be used in a static-sensitive environment.

Open-ended poly bags, reclosable bags and poly tubing – Anti-static bags and poly tubing are available in various sizes and thicknesses; they are commonly used for nuts, bolts and small parts that will be used in an electrostatic-sensitive area.

anti static FOAM SHEETS-1(1)

Foam sheets – Anti static foam sheets are available in 1/2”, 1” & 2” thicknesses, in various densities. The material can be cut to make custom-designed foam inserts for boxes, plastic cases and wooden crates. It can also easily be cut with a knife and used in packages to protect components during shipping. These anti-static foam sheets are used as protective packaging for items that will be used in a static-sensitive environment.


Polyethylene Foam Rolls – Anti-static foam rolls are available in all standard foam thicknesses and roll widths, with slits and perforations if desired. It is commonly used for surface protection of parts shipping into an electrostatic-sensitive area.

anti-static stretchwrap

Stretch Wrap – Anti-static stretch wrap is available in various widths and thicknesses. It is commonly used to wrap machines, palletize cartons with static-sensitive content, or wrap products shipped to a static-sensitive location.

All these materials can be used inside of a static shielding package if required.


Anti-static packaging plays an integral role in safely storing and transporting items that may be used in electrostatic-sensitive areas. Ranging from bubble wrap to stretch wrap, our comprehensive selection of anti-static packaging solutions ensures your products remain undamaged and static-free.

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Anti Static Packaging Done Right

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Article written by SmartShield