M128 - Product - Split Image


Don't have the perfect size box on hand but really need to ship that item immediately? Customize your carton with this carton sizer tool, simply reduce the height of your carton to your required size.

M129 - Product - Accordion


This tool can help you reduce the height of a single wall or double wall carton by scoring the inside wall (below the existing score), at your desired depth,  perforating the box to form a new folding edge in just four simple steps:

1: Simply fold the flaps of the carton down, then place the carton reducer on the inside of the box.
2: Use the ruler as a guide, adjust the carton reducer to the desired depth and score the inside wall.
3: Then, with a utility knife, cut all 4 corners down to the score line. 
4: Next, from the score line fold the flaps over so they over lap each other, if desired trim the top flaps so that they meet in the middle, rather than overlap. 

130 - Specifications Table


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