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Electric heat shrink guns are used with PVC and polyolefin shrink films for many light duty shrink wrapping applications. Electric Operated heat guns are economic and easy to use, simply cover your object or objects to be packaged with shrink film and use your heat gun to shrink the film tightly around your item or items. 

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Electric heat shrink guns are designed for use with polyolefin and PVC Shrinkfilm At SmartShield we recommend pairing your electric heat gun with an I-Bar or L-Bar sealer as they are more specifically designed for use with shrink films for light duty applications including; packaging of candies, foods, medical equipment, books, DVD's and toys for retail stores. Using a heat sealer gives you the opportunity to seal your product into a package and then shrink the film around the item, giving it a tighter, more professional appearance. See Bar Sealers for more information. 

Advantages of shrink wrapping your product:  

  • Keeps product in factory condition. 
  • Immediately identify damage or theft. 
  • Protect items during transit or storage. 
  • Easy product identification. 
  • Bundling multiple items or packages. 


Which heat shrink gun best suits your application?

Electric Heat Shrink Gun Application:
Packages wrapped in thinner shrink films like polyolefin are shrink wrapped with electric heat shrink guns or heat shrink machines. These packages are not waterproof but the product is protected from moisture, dust, dirt and tampering. Cardboard boxes containing toys or games in retail stores are often shrink wrapped to avoid loss of pieces or damage, books and magazines may be shrink wrapped to prevent children reading inappropriate content. Foods, medical equipment and aerospace components may be sealed in shrink wrap where sterilization protection is important. It is also convenient for bundling lightweight products into one package, for example in retail stores when multiple boxes of product are sold together. 

Propane Operated Heat Shrink Guns:

Propane operated heat shrink guns are ideal for indoor and outdoor use including manufacturing, transport & logistics, construction and agri-food. They are used with more heavy-duty material than electric heat shrink guns including shrinkable polyethylene rolls, sheeting, pallet covers and bags for cost effective, heavy duty wrapping applications. Click HERE for more details on propane operated heat shrink guns. 

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