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Choose from a variety of face shields, masks and safety glasses. For protection from splashes or flying splinters and chips, to dust particles or germs, select the face protector that best suits your requirement.

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Face Masks / Respirators and Safety Glasses / Face Shields

  • Dust Masks / Respirators; for protection against non-toxic dust and dirt, with adjustable nose clip. Also available with exhalation valve to keep your face cool & dry.
  • Pleated masks offer protection from air born germs, dust and pollen. Constructed with non-irritating, breathable 3ply material. Mask dispensers available.
  • Safety glasses and face shields protect face and eyes from splashes and flying splinters or chips. Many options available, contact our sales team for details.
  • Ear Plugs are essential for noisy work environments, they are designed to safeguard your ears from exposure to loud noises which could cause noise induced hearing loss. 
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