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Floor marking tapes, also known as floor safety tapes, are available plain or with striped design. Plain for aisle marking, to divide spaces or simply provide directions, while striped floor marking tape is used to safely mark a workplace hazard area.

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Floor marking tapes are made with a rubber adhesive that adheres to most clean, dry surfaces. They are commonly used on warehouse floors but also used on walls and equipment, with aggressive adhesion designed for high traffic areas.  
  • Floor marking tapes are available in both Vinyl and PVC materials.
    * PVC tape with clear laminating film over top has a smooth gloss, water resistant finish for easy cleaning and also to improve the tape’s ability to withstand abrasion.
    * Vinyl tape sticks firmly to almost any clean, dry surface and offers water, chemical and oil resistance. 
  • Some colours of floor marking tape are available with reflective coating, glow in the dark properties or diamond tread to prevent slipping. Glow in the dark tape is designed to automatically absorb energy from any light source, ideal for identifying emergency exit routes.
  • Floor marking tape applicators are also available, for easy dispensing and accurate alignment, contact our sales team for details.

What Do Floor Marking Safety Tape Colours Represent?

Each colour floor marking, or safety tape has a specific code:

  • Red or red & white: Indicate fire protection equipment or flammable liquids areas, or obstructions.
  • Orange: Designate areas where there is dangerous machinery or equipment.
  • Yellow: Warn of tripping or falling hazards on stairs or corners.
  • Green or green & white: Designate first aid equipment & areas, or safety equipment.
  • Blue, purple, grey, black, white: These colours have no significance, the use may be determined by the user.
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