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A variety of multi-purpose or antibacterial, liquid or foaming soaps are available to suit all preferences and cleaning needs, assisting you in maintaining a clean environment, use soaps with pumice for more heavy-duty cleaning applications.

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Use hand soap to limit the transmission of viruses and bacteria between employees or customers and keeping your environment clean. Soap doesn’t kill germs, it removes them, it also leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. For the most effective hand washing you must use soap, that’s why there are a variety to choose from.

Looking for Hand Sanitizer?
Popular waterless hand sanitizer is portable and accessible on the go. Hand sanitizer is ideal for group settings at the workplace, where soap and water are not readily available, install a sanitizer dispenser to maintain a healthy environment. See hand sanitizers and dispensers

Need protection from hazardous chemicals or infection? See Gloves and Masks

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