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Hand stretch wrap, also known as stretch film and pallet wrap, is a stretchable plastic film with elastic memory properties that clings to its self and leaves no residue behind. It is most commonly used with a dispenser to wrap products and cartons securely to pallets. Available in clear and coloured options, colour tinted hand stretch films are used for product organization during storage, or for extra security during shipment. 

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Blown stretch wrap offers high tear and puncture resistance, and has a strong stretch memory, ensuring loads stay secure. Although it is most commonly used to secure boxes to pallets, it has a variety of packaging and protective uses including:
  • Heavy duty stretch wraps are used to secure products including large paper rolls, buckets and containers, canned beverages, furniture, rocks or bricks and other large or heavy objects to pallets. 
  • Clear stretch wraps are most common but colour tinted stretch wrap is ideal for international shipment, to prevent pilferage or, for warehouse colour coding.
  • Opaque stretch wrap is available in black and white for use when product concealment is required, or to protect product from UV rays.
  • Extended core stretch wrap is available for small volume users, designed for easy application without the need for a dispenser to apply the film.
  • Custom printing is available on both hand and machine stretch wrap increasing your promotional opportunities and security during transit.

For more details on stretch wrap options or custom printing contact our sales team.

Increase productivity and reduce labour costs while also reducing operator fatigue with dispensers paired with Stretchwrap cutters.

  • Dispensers offer stretch wrap application with ease and efficiency.
  • With an angled blade stretch wrap cutters glide through Stretchwrap without sticking to the film, offering a fast and clean cut.

Click HERE for more details on stretch wrap dispensers and cutters.

For larger volume users see machine stretch wrap and stretch wrapping machines


Which Stretch Wrap Material Best Suits Your Application?

Standard Cast and Blown Stretch Wraps: Cast film tends to be a more cost-effective stretch wrap choice, as the manufacturing process is a lot faster than blown stretch film. However, blown stretch wrap offers greater durability and holding powers, therefore offering more security for heavier or larger loads. Both cast and blown films have their benefits, see Blown Stretch Wrap Versus Cast Stretch Wrap for more details.

High performance cast stretch films are becoming more popular, offering high strengths in lighter gauges, and therefore, excellent down gauging opportunities. This high clarity hand stretch wrap is designed for strength, with superior cling, and exceptional puncture resistance and load containment.

Pre-stretched blown films are available in light, medium and heavy pre-stretched film gauges, to meet your load type and weight requirements. It is exactly what its name suggests, a film that has been pre-stretched to approximately 90% during the manufacturing process, prior to being wound on the roll. 
  • Productivity is increased as more pallets can be wrapped per roll, meaning less roll changes.
  • Maximum material yeild is achieved, meaning less film is required to unitize a pallet of product, making it more environmentally friendly than alternative stretch wraps.
  • Pre-stretched films are thinner and therefore significantly lighter, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Stretch films are engineered to stretch and when stretched near its breaking point, it creates a dynamic tension, similar to an elastic band, creating more load compression on the pallet. The result is a more resilient pallet that can effectively handle the stresses of transportation.

The Advantages of Precionrap Pre-Stretched Film:
Precisionrap is a system solution that pairs Precisionrap prestretch film with the Precisionrap dispenser. It offers hand operated pallet wrapping at machine wrapping quality and load containment, using less film and less operator time than standard hand stretch wrapping applications.  It is a high-performance film that is available in regular and heavy duty films and, can be used in cold or frozen environments.

  • Precisionrap paired with the Precisionrap dispenser is approximately 35% faster than alternative film & dispensers!
  • Precisionrap can reduce your film weight usage and increase productivity, maximum material yield is acheived meaning less film is required to properly unitize a pallet of product.
  • Eco-friendly; 100% recyclable.
  • Using Precisionrap means less waste, the coreless design eliminates the waste of traditional paperboard cores.
    Contact a sales representative for more  information and availability on Precisionrap

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Specialty Hand Stretch Wrap Options Include:

Anti-static stretch wrap
protects static sensitive electronic product from static discharge. It is used for securing cartons with static sensitive content, including medical equipment and other electronics to pallets.

VCI stretch wrap is used for protecting large metal parts or machines from rusting are also available.

Airflow stretch wrap is a vented material, this breathable stretch film is used where air circulation is required for moisture or heat dissipation, outgassing and, to speed up cooling and freezing.  Vented stretch wrap is used for securing living plants or trees, or wood (logs) to pallets.


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