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Wooden pallets are available in both soft wood and hard wood options. All stock pallets are HT certified and can be used for international shipping. Customized sizes and designs are also available.

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Pallets may be used over and over and, once they become damaged beyond repair, they can be recycled. Pallets are an essential item for warehousing and transportation, they are light weight and palletized product is easy to stack, allowing for maximum floor space to be left open. Many industries benefit from the use of wooden pallets for safe shipment of heavy products including furniture, medical equipment, wine, beverage and food distribution centers, and more.

Interested in custom pallets? 
Customized pallets can reduce your costs by minimizing the material used to build your pallets. Specifically placed top boards to support your product in the necessary locations and, correctly engineered runner designs can reduce the amount of material needed to meet the strength required for your application.

Customized pallets can also reduce shipping fees and be more environmentally friendly. Using pallets designed to fit your product ensures freight costs are kept to a minimum and, using less wood benefits the environment.

Not sure if you require hardwood or softwood pallets for your application?
Hardwoods are usually more expensive as hardwood trees take much longer to grow, while softwood trees tend to grow faster and are more readily available. Softwoods are also easier to cut, decreasing preparation costs.
Hardwood pallets in reality are only slightly stronger than softwood, in most cases softwood pallets are capable of imitating higher density hardwood by producing thicker dimensions. So, the answer is, most customers’ needs are met with a softwood pallet, however, hard wood pallets may be required in some circumstances. 

At SmartShield we pride ourselves in making our customers smile with packaging done right, therefore, its our top priority to ensure our clients have the product best suited for their application. Our team are always willing to share their knowledge, skill, design creativity and expertise to create an ideal custom pallet. Contact us with your requirement!

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