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Propane operated heat guns are used with shrinkable polyethylene rolls, sheeting, pallet covers and bags for cost effective, heavy duty wrapping. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use applications. 

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Propane operated heat shrink guns have easy to operate single trigger handles, they are designed for use with heat shrinkable polyethylene sheeting and pallet covers or bags. For heavy duty applications including; winterizing boats, stabilizing product on pallets or wrapping irregular shape items. It also provides protection from dust, dirt and weather including wind, rain and snow.  
Simply cover your object or objects to be packaged with shrinkable polyethylene material and use your heat gun to shrink the film tightly around your item or items. Used in manufacturing, transport & logistics, construction and agri-food.

Both the Shrinkit Heat Shrink Gun and the Ripack Heat Shrink Gun are reliable and durable with low maintenance costs. They both come with a hose and adjustable pressure regulator. 

Advantages of Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Wrapping Include:

  • Keeps product in factory condition
  • Immediately identify damage or theft
  • Protect items during transit or storage
  • Easy product identification
  • Protections from dust and dirt
  • Protection for heavy duty equipment
  • Stabilizing product on pallets
  • Wrapping irregular shaped items
  • Winterizing boats
  • Containment during construction
  • Bundling multiple items or packages together
  • Protection from climate change
  • Protection from UV and weather including wind, rain and snow

Looking for an Electric Heat Shrink Gun? Electric heat guns are used to shrink thinner shrink films like polyolefin and PVC, for light duty applications including; packaging of foods and candies, medical equipment, CD's and DVD's, toys and books for retail stores. The package is not waterproof but the product is protected from moisture, dust, dirt and tampering. 

Shrinkit Mark II and Ripack 3000 Specifications:

Both the Shrinkit Heat Shrink Gun and the Ripack Heat Shrink Gun are reliable and durable with low maintenance costs. They both come with a hose and adjustable pressure regulator. 

ShrinKit Mark II Propane Powered Heat Shrink Gun for Regular Duty Applications:

  • Robust & durable, light weight design
  • Weight 1080 g / 2.38 lb
  • 26 feet / 8m hose
  • Even heat disbursement
  • Nozzle protected by heat shield
  • Hanging eyelet
  • Occasional drop of oil required for maintenance
  • 95% recyclable
  • Use in accordance with operation instructions
  • Service available

Ripack 3000 Propane Pwered Heat Shrink Gun for Heavy Duty Applications:

  • Weight: approx 1kg / 2.2lbs
  • 26 feet / 8m hose
  • Extensions available for difficult to reach areas
  • Ripack 3000 is the fastest shrink gun available, its fan-shaped nozzle allows the heat to cover the largest possible surface area.
  • Automatically detects the pressure in the gas bottle to prevent overheating.
  • Stainless steel heat diffuser stays cold to prevent burns from contact with the nozzle.
  • Pressure in the hose is controlled, automatically cutting off the gas flow if the pipe becomes broken.
  • The piezo ignitor can be replaced without needing to use any tools.
  • Occasional drop of oil required for maintenance.
  • Use in accordance with operation instructions
  • Service available



How to Shrink wrap a pallet or object:

Prepare your work space:

  • First ensure the area you will be working in is well ventilated, is oil, grease and dust free and, there is plenty of space for the heat gun operator to move around the pallet or object.
  • You will also require a heat resistant glove.
  • Place your shrink film / polythene over your pallet or object, if possible anchor the shrink film under the pallet or object, it is essential the product or pallet is completely covered with the shrink film / polythene prior to beginning heat shrinking.
Prepare the heat gun:
1: Connect the regulator to the gas outlet.
2: Connect the hose to the regulator.
3: Connect the shrink gun to the other end of the hose.
4: Turn on the gas and slowly press the excess flow check valve to release the gas to the system.

Heat shrink your pallet or object:

  • Starting at a bottom corner of your product or pallet go all round the bottom first, the flame guard should be approximately 8inches away from the film.
  • If you are heat shrinking a pallet next seal the top by directing the flame into the gap of the two layers of polythene and patting closed (ensure you are wearing your glove).
  • Going back to the corner you started at continue heat shrinking just above the section you have already shrunk. Use a sweeping motion, going backwards and forwards from one edge to the other on the one side, moving upwards until you reach the top of that side, then move to the next side repeating the process until all sides are done.
  • Once the sides are complete direct the gun into the middle of the top and using the same sweeping motion finish the top.
  • On completion ensure the gas supply is turned off correctly and excess gas has been burned off before leaving the gun unattended. Remember never to lay the heat gun on the floor, use the eyelet provided to safely hang the gun.

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