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Heavy duty shrink film, also known as industrial shrink wrap is used for heavy duty wrapping, including winterizing boats, stabilizing product on pallets or wrapping irregular shape items.  It also provides protection from dust, dirt and weather including wind, rain and snow. Ideal for covering skids, warehouse equipment, machinery and construction materials. 

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  • Poly sheeting available in a continuous roll  
  • Giant size poly sheeting can be used for a variety of applications including a dirt, dust and moisture barrier preventing costly damage. 
  • Easy to use and remove design that keeps your items safe, secure and clean 
  • Available in black or blue, the opaque options to conceal the product and offer protection for light sensitive items. 
  • Used with propane heat shrink guns 
  • Many more options available, contact a sales representative for further details and availability. 

 Advantages of using industrial shrink wrap: 
  • Keeps product in factory condition. 
    Immediately identify damage or theft. 
  • Protect items during transit or storage. 
  • Easy product identification. 
  • Protection from dust and dirt. 
  • Protection for heavy duty equipment. 
  • Stabilizing product on pallets. 
  • Wrapping irregular shape items. 
  • Winterizing boats.  
  • Containment during construction.  
  • Bundling multiple items or packages together. 
  • Protection from climate change. 
  • Protection from UV and weather including wind, rain and snow. 

Visit our Knowledge Centre for more information on heat shrink wrapping and equipment

Shrink Tape Rolls:

These aggressive adhesive tape rolls are used to patch / repair holes and tears, reinforce stress areas or for joining sheets of polyethylene in industrial shrink film applications.  

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