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Mailer cartons, often referred to as pizza style boxes or literature mailers, are strong and sturdy. These boxes are perfect for mailing advertising flyers, posters, small tools and stationary supplies. 

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  • Used to send out binders, magazines and business forms. Also recommended for small tools and parts or glassware.
  • Assemble simply without tape, staples or glue.
  • Lightweight construction, save on postage and packaging.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • All sizes ship and store flat to save space.
  • Available oyster or kraft materials and a variety of board grades.
  • Custom printing available.

Mailer Carton Style Options, Which is Best For Your Application?

  • Winglock Die-Cut Box, this carton is a secure mailer style, the 'wing' tabs fold into the top and the front of the box for added security and structural strength. These boxes have excellent stacking strength and don't require any tape to close making them a great reusable package. These boxes work well for retail style packaging giving the customer an easy unpacking experience. 
  • Front Tuck Box, this carton is also known as a mailer, the lid simply tucks down inside the top of the box, locking tabs can also be added to these to ensure the box stays closed. These boxes don't require tape making them a great option for retail style packaging, or a box that needs to be opened and closed multiple times. 

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