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Masking tape is a thin crepe paper tape. It sticks to a wide variety of surfaces and is easily removed, without leaving residue on the surface it was applied to. It’s backing strength resists slivering while still offering effortless tear ability.

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Masking tape is commonly used in painting, to achieve clean paint lines and mask off areas that should not be painted. However, it is also used for general purpose applications including identifying, wrapping cords, lightweight sealing and bundling or holding by aerospace, automotive, electronic, solar, furniture and metal working industries. It is a great product to use if the tape needs to be removed at a later date and not leave any residue behind. 

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Cantech 107 Specifications & Recommended Uses:

Thickness: 4.8mil
Tensile strength: 19lb/in
Adhesive: Natural/Synthetic Rubber

Suggested Use:

  • Shelf identification.
  • Protection in manufacturing processes.
  • Splicing.
  • Lightweight bundling and sealing.
  • Protective purposes for molds before clear gel coat.
  • Masking for most spray or brush painting applications. 

Cantech 109  Green Specifications and Recommended Uses: 
Thickness: 5.0mil
Tensile strength: 20lb/in
Adhesive: Synthetic Rubber

Suggested Use: 

  • Use on a variety of surfaces including; regular, semi-delicate and delicate.
  • Easy & clean removal from most surfaces for up to 10days after application.
  • Smooth backing for superior paint lines - Designed to resist most lacquer and paint bleed through.
  • Ideal for masking applications requiring UV resistance or in humid environments.

3M203 Specifications & Recommended Uses:
Thickness: 4.7mil
Tensile strength: 22lb/in
Adhesive: Rubber

Suggested Use:

  • Sealing
  • Bundling 
  • Holding
  • Splicing 
  • Shelf identification
  • Masking for most spray or brush painting applications, resists bleed-through. 


Masking tape was first created by 3M in 1925 by employee Richard Drew. He observed autobody workers peeling tape from freshly painted cars and their frustration as some of the paint peeled off with the tape, causing costly damage. He realized a tape with a lower amount of adhesive was required. 

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