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Select from manual or battery powered PET strapping combination tools. Manual combination tools conveniently and efficiently offer the tensioner, sealer and cutter all in one. While friction weld combination tools greatly reduce labor and increase productivity with speed and consistency, these tools  do not require seals, and have the ability to tension considerably tighter than a manual tool.

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Manual Combination Tools:
SP67416 Regular duty, easy manual operation:
  • Wrap the strap around the load, bringing the ends together at the top, ensure the strap overlaps by a few inches. (Lead end on the bottom and end still attached to the coil on the top)
  • Place the seal in the slot on the tool.
  • Squeeze the combo tool handle and thread the bottom strap (lead end), from the front of the tool, through the seal and then under the cutter and holding gripper, release the handle.
  • Thread the top strap (coming from the coil) through the seal, the cutter and the tension wheel. Use the right hand tensioning lever to tension strap as desired.
  • To crimp the seal push the sealer handle all the way forward. 
  • Cut the strap by applying pressure to the handle.
  • Twist tool slightly to the right to remove.

Friction-Weld Combo Tools:

  • SP84630 / SP84631 / SP84329 - Battery powered, high performance, robust tool with flexible settings, easy to use digital operation:
    Wrap the strap around your product, first going over the top and then come back underneath, overlap the strap. Open the tool and put the strap under the tension wheel cutter and sealer, leave at least 4" of strap in front of the tool. Use the tension button to bring the strap to the required tension, then press the sealing button to seal and cut the strap. Maximum tension on the tool can be adjusted, and also the sealing time of the tool to suit the strap you are using. Automatic modes can also be used so that the tool tensions to the desired level of tension, and switches to sealing & cutting mode automatically.
    Spare batteries available.

Parts and service available for all strapping tools and machines.

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended. 



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