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Packing list envelopes, sometimes referred to as packing slip envelopes offer documents protection and security. Featuring a pressure-sensitive backing to ensure secure adhesion to almost any surface including cardboard, plastic, metal and wood, throughout the entire shipping process.

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  • For packing slips, invoices and other shipping documents.
  • Using packing list envelopes allows paperwork to be attached to the outside of the package so documents can be accessed without having to cut open the carton or package. 
  • Available in side or top loading designs.
  • Plain, or printed options include just English or bilingual; English/French or English/Spanish .
    • Plain option:
      Clear front (outer face) with white backing.
    • Printed options:
      Clear front (outer face) with a printed banner across the top and with white backing.   
      Full face printing to conceal the contents, with white backing. Contact our sales team for more details. 

  • Pouch tape is also available, it is simply a clear window with four adhesive edges. The edges, or borders, are printed with 'Documents Enclosed.' Pouches come 500 per roll and can be used with or without a dispenser. Ask a sales representative for more information on this item.
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