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Selecting the buckles or seals that best suits your poly strapping application optimizes the efficiency and convenience of your packaging process, while also ensuring your strap is kept securely in place and your product protected.

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Choose from buckles for the infrequent user, no sealer required application,
or seals for a stronger and more secure option.

  • Buckles: For low usage, may be released and reused.
    Plastic buckles can be used with lighter duty strapping while
    heavier gauge strapping requires wire buckles.
  • Seals: Stronger, greater security and more efficient than buckles.
    * Open seal style: For light to medium duty strap.
    * Serrated Seal style: Used with heavy-duty strap. Serrated design inside
    the seal offers extra security with maximum grip for a stronger seal. More commonly used with polyester strapping.

How to use Polypropylene Strapping Seals in manual strapping applications:

  • First: tension your strap:
    * Place strap around the item or items to be strapped, bring the two ends together, ensuring an overlap of approximately six inches.
    * Squeeze the tensioner handle to open the tool's holding gripper and thread the free end of the strap from the front to the back end of the tool, through the holding gripper, release pressure on the handle. 
    *Next take the strap coming from the coil, thread it through the cutter and tension wheel, lift handle back & forth until strap reaches desired tension.
  • Second: seal your strap:
    *Place seal in front of the tensioner on overlapped, tensioned strapping.
    *Open sealer, place on seal, crimp the seal by closing the sealer completely to form a secure seal.

  • Third: cut the excess strap:
    *Simply cut off the excess piece of strap by pushing the tensioner handle in downward motion.
    *Twist the tool to the right to remove.

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended. 

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