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Semi-automatic strapping machines increase the pace of your operations without sacrificing the integrity of your packaging. These rugid design machines dispense, tension, heat weld and cut polypropylene machine strapping, boosting productivity.

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Semi-Automatic strapping machines are easy to operate, low-cost, quiet and portable, allowing movement throughout your facility, maximizing their potential in office, warehouse or production areas.
Open frame and closed frame options are available, for more details and availabilty on closed frame machines please contact our sales team.


SM12400 Table Top, Open Frame, Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine:

  • This machine operates with electronic tension, it has less moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance than traditional belt driven semi-automatic strapping machines.
  • Dual tension mode:
    * Torque tension, tensions up to 101 lbs/sf. Intended for heavier items or compressible packages.
    * Stroke is intended for use when strapping softer items that should not compress.
  • Adjustable tension provides the ability to have consistent strapping tension force for each package.
  • Durable Steel construction, designed to withstand various environments.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with all electric parts enclosed in the cabinet on one side of the machine.
  • Table Size: width 30-3/4” / depth 21-1/4”
  • Adjustable Table Height: 
    29-1/2”, 31-1/2”, 33-1/2” or 35-1/2”
  • Minimum package size: 3-1/8 x 1-1/8 x 1/8"
  • 120 volt single phase.
  • Machine size: 31 x 22 x 30"
  • Use with machine length polypropylene strapping:
    * Widths: 3/8”  1/2"   5/8” (No parts change required)
    * Thicknesses:  0.017-0.027”
    * Core size: 8x8” 
    See Polypropylene Machine Strapping
  • Parts & Service available.

Visit our Knowledge Centre for additional information:
Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended.

Why choose polypropylene Strapping?
Polypropylene strapping is the most common form of plastic strapping, lightweight, economical and resistant to liquids and corrosives, widely used for light to medium duty applications including baling, carton closing and light weight pallets. Holding the title of the most versatile strapping material, it can be applied with manual tools, friction weld tools or semi and fully automatic strapping machines. It is also the most flexible strapping material, with high elongation properties it offers the most β€˜stretch’ of all strapping materials, therefore it has the flexibility to easily bend around irregular shapes and withstand shock without breaking.

Using a Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping packages with semi-automatic strapping machines is completed in 3 simple steps:

  • Dispense a piece of strapping to begin.
  • Place the package on the machine table.
  • Pass the strap over the top of the package and back down the opposite side of the package into the channel on the top of the machine.
    From here the machine will tension, heat weld seal and cut the strap. Your package is ready to go! This can be done up to 17 times per minute, no seals or extra tools are required.
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