Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

October 11, 2023

Strapping equipment is a part of everyday life in many warehouses, factories and yards, but to maximize efficiency and productivity, the correct tool or machine for the job is required.

Table Top Strapping

Why Are Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines Worth Their Cost? 

Semi-automatic strapping machines are a fast and efficient way to strap small and large packages, bundle items together and seal boxes for shipping, creating a time saving asset to the production line or shipping process.

Updates to these machines to utilize electronic tension means they now have fewer moving parts inside, making them more reliable than strapping machines in the past.

These machines have adjustable tension settings and can be used with various widths and thicknesses of polypropylene strap.

Packages needing to be strapped are simply placed on the table of the machine, the strap is then passed over the top of the package and back down the opposite side of the package into the channel on the top of the machine, from here the machine will tension, seal and cut the strap.

This can be done up to 17 times in 1 minute and no extra tools or seals are required, offering increased productivity and reduced labor. 

These cost-effective machines have a sturdy metal frame and adjustable table height, with quiet operation they can even be used in an office environment. 

Strapping With Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-automatic strapping machines are used with machine-grade polypropylene strap. These machines have the ability to adjust to suit the width and thickness of the strapping clients are using.

Making this simple adjustment is important to ensure these powerful machines complete the job to perfection.

If the machine is set too low, strong welds will not be achieved, and if set too high, the strap will break or even damage the product you are strapping.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine Convenience

Semi-Automatic strapping machines are quiet and portable, allowing movement throughout facilities, maximizing their potential in office, warehouse or production areas.

Using a machine over against tools boosts productivity, time savings are achieved, therefore reducing labor, packaging is completed more efficiently, packages are ready to ship faster, and employees are available to assist in other tasks.

Facts about strapping machines:

  • Use with polypropylene strapping 1/4" to 5/8” widths.
  • Thicknesses ranging between 0.017” – 0.027” with 8” x 8” core size.
  • Minimum package size: 3-1/8” x 1-1/8” x 1/8” No maximum size.
  • With four different table height options it is easily adjustable to suit each application. 
  • Flexible sealing mode settings offering wide tension force range. Adjustable tension provides the ability to have consistent strapping tension force for each package.
  • Torque tension mode is more suitable for heavier items, compressible packages or stronger tension, while the stroke tension is designed for soft tension where items should not be compressed.
  • Durable steel construction, designed to suit a variety of environments. 

See Semi-Auto Strapping Machine for machine specifications.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine Maintenance

All electric parts are enclosed in the cabinet on the side of the machine for easy access to maintain. Although these robust strapping machines come with a good warranty, we recommend clients take preventative measures to maximize its performance and life.

The top and bottom of the heating plate that seals the strap can get a build up of melted plastic, we advise clients to check this regularly, and suggest removing any residue using a wire brush.

If using this machine in a dusty environment occasionally blowing it out with compressed air is a good idea!


Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene strapping is the most common form of plastic strapping, lightweight, economical and resistant to liquids and corrosives, widely used for light - medium duty applications including baling, carton closing and lightweight pallets.

Holding the title of the most versatile strapping material, it can be applied with manual tools, friction weld tools or semi and fully-automatic strapping machines.

It is also the most flexible strapping material, with high elongation properties it offers the most β€˜stretch’ of all strapping materials, therefore it has the flexibility to easily bend around irregular shapes and withstand shock without breaking.

Friction-Weld Plastic Strapping Combination Tool

Polypropylene Strapping Light – Medium Duty Application
Polyester Strapping Medium – Heavy Duty Application
Steel Strapping Heavy – Extra Heavy Duty Application

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended.

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