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The high performance of shrink machines offers increased productivity, combined with a more professionally packaged product. Instead of taking a few minutes sealing your product with an electric heat gun, place it in the shrink machine oven for just seconds. 

M129 - Product - Accordion


Providing a superior quality and more even seal than a heat gun, these compact and mobile heat seal and shrink machines are designed to guarantee ease of use and maintenance.

Dibipack Shrink Machines Specifications:

  • Electronically controlled
  • Automatic adjustment of sealing time - Can program it to have different sealing and shrink times, also can program it to do different cycles (for example you can get it to seal 3 times and then shrink)
  • Automatic stand-by mode (energy saving)
  • Gas operated spring for hood lift and closure, with hold down magnet
  • Unit counter
  • Possibility to release hood after stopping the fan
  • Preparation table for maximum productivity
  • Power supply requirements: 240v single phase. See links for plug and connector
  • Use with Polyolefin or PVC shrink film rolls
Machine Size Option:
  • Dibipack Shrink Machine 3246:
    12-1/2 X 18 X 9” can hold up to 18-1/2” wide film with a roll diameter up to 10”
  • Dibipack Shrink Machine 4255:
    16-1/2 X 21-1/2 X 9” can hold up to 23-1/2” wide film with a roll diameter up to 10”

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