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Steel strapping is the strongest strapping material, therefore the ultimate choice for large or heavy loads, or sharp-edged products. As steel strapping retains it's tension it is ideal for keeping stable loads secure for long periods of time. It can also withstand drastic temperature changes and prolonged exposure to UV light.

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  • Steel strap is painted black with a waxed finish.
  • Consider steel strapping if your products or materials need to travel a long distance, or if you are shipping exceptionally heavy products or materials.
  • Steel strapping is also recommended if your packaged goods will experience extreme temperature changes during transit, avoid the adverse effects that temperature can have on plastic strapping.
  • High tensile steel strap is heat treated to maximize its break strength, also providing additional shock resistance for the toughest applications.

Should you use Polyester or Steel Strapping?

Polyester has a higher elasticity than metal. This means that polyester is able to stretch and give if your product shifts, expands or contracts during transit, reducing the risk of damaging your product.  Overall, unless you have a heavy, dense product that requires sturdy metal straps, or your shipment will be passing through extreme temperature change, polyester strapping is the perfect packaging alternative to steel. Save on the costs of materials and labor, and increase productivity. Coils are lighter so more user friendly, softer material reduces potential damage to product, longer rolls means less roll changes and less warehouse space required.  

Suggested Uses:

Polypropylene Strapping: Light-Medium Duty
Polyester Strapping: Medium-Heavy Duty
Steel Strapping: Heavy-Extra Heavy Duty

See blog post for additional information:

Steel Strap vs Polyester Strap

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