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RATCHET STRAPS (Tie Down Straps)

Ratchet straps are also known as tie-down straps, are used to secure cargo in place during transportation. They are most commonly used to hold loads in place in trucks and trailers but can also be used inside of wooden crates, to ensure parts are held steady during transit.

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Ratchet Straps are available in many strengths and designs, ensuring there is an option for all types and sizes of cargo.

S - Hook & U - Hook: These are the most common type of ratchet strap, often used to hold loads in place in pick up trucks or inside of crates, they are very versatile and can be used in many applications. S hook ratchet straps are similar to U hook straps just the hook shape is different, as the letter implies. 

Snap Hook: These ratchet straps are similar to S-Hook straps too, but have a latch that closes the hook. This means the strap will not fall off once it’s no longer under tension. These are great for heavy duty applications. 

E - Hook: These ratchet straps are specifically designed for use with the E-Track system in trailers or box trucks. The strap simply clips into two different locations, on the fittings installed on the inside walls of the trailer, truck or van. It is then tightened to secure loads to the wall of the vehicle, or to prevent load movement towards the doors during transit. These are often used as an alternative to load bars.

Flat Hook: This type of ratchet strap is designed to attach to the edges of a flatbed trailer, to hold items down securely, or for bundling items; Simply wrap the strap around the product and connect the two hooks, then tighten for maximum security. Flat hooks are also used to hold large, heavy or unstable items to pallets where it’s not appropriate to use standard strapping. 

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