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Reinforced Kraft tape is a gummed paper tape with fiberglass strands. Once applied to cardboard a permanent bond is formed, it is not sensitive to moisture or extreme temperature change. A water activated taping machine is required for application.

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Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape is made from Natural virgin kraft paper with fiberglass strands for reinforcement. It’s adhesive is activated using water. It is commonly used for carton sealing in environments where plastic packing tape is not suitable or where extra strength is required for heavy duty applications or greater security. Use with paper tape machine.

Cartons sealed with flatback or water activated (gummed) paper tapes offer a more professional appearance as their kraft colour blends in with the kraft carton material. Paper tapes are ideal for dusty, dirty environments where regular plastic packing tapes do not perform well. They are also tamper evident, unlike plastic packing tape, paper tapes cannot be removed, discouraging theft and therefore decreasing insurance claims. Paper tapes are stronger and a more environmentally friendly material than plastic tapes, they also reduce usage as only one strip is required for sealing a carton, no one ever seals a carton with one strip of plastic tape, unless it is machine sealed!
Click HERE for Flatback Pressure Sensitive Kraft Paper Tape

Natural Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape Specifications:

  • Thickness: 5.0-6.0mil
  • Tensile strength: 40-45lb/in
  • Backing: Natural Virgin Kraft Paper
  • Adhesive: Modified corn starch based
  • Does not adhere to plastic
  • Recyclable
  • Does not stretch
  • Custom printing available
  • Available in white
 Non-reinforced gummed paper tape available, contact a sales representative for details
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