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Kraft flatback paper tape is a non-reinforced, pressure sensitive, water-resistant tape, made of acid free material. It has high holding power and tensile strength but can be hand torn. It can also be used in low temperature environments. 

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Non-reinforced flatback kraft paper tape, also known as pressure sensitive kraft tape, is made from flatback kraft paper coated with a high tack natural rubber adhesive. No dispenser or water are required for application. It is stronger than masking tape, an ideal alternative to reinforced water activated (gummed), kraft paper tape if using a machine for application is not practical, for example when packaging is done in various areas of the warehouse or building. Flatback kraft paper tape is commonly used as a packaging tape for carton sealing or core and paper splicing, but is also used for seaming tape on carpet underlay and picture frame tape. It may be applied using a regular hand-held packing tape dispenser if desired.

Cartons sealed with paper tapes, non-reinforced flatback or reinforced water activated (gummed), offer a more professional appearance as their kraft colour blends in with the kraft carton material. Paper tapes are ideal for dusty, dirty environments where regular plastic packing tapes do not perform well. They are also tamper evident, unlike plastic packing tape, paper tapes cannot be removed, discouraging theft and therefore decreasing insurance claims. Paper tapes are stronger and a more environmentally friendly material than plastic tapes, they also reduce usage as only one strip is required for sealing a carton, no one ever seals a carton with one strip of plastic tape, unless it is machine sealed! 
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Flatback Tape Cantech 13404 Medium Grade 
* Thickness: 7.3mil
* Tensile Strength: 42lb/in
* Backing: Kraft Flatback
* Adhesive: Solvent cast natural / synthetic rubber

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