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Stretch wrap machines also known as stretch wrappers, or pallet wrappers, increase productivity and eliminate inconsistent hand stretch wrapping. There are many options to choose from, offering high quality and high performance. Durable and dependable pallet wrappers are available to suit every application.

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What are the benefits of using a stretch wrap machine over hand stretch wrapping?
Stretch wrap machines enhance productivity, provide consistent wrapping, reduce material waste, and can handle higher volumes efficiently, making them ideal for businesses with substantial packaging needs.

Explore Our Stretch Wrap Machine Options: 
Pallet stretch wrap machines are available in a variety of options including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. All three versions are available in turntable design, and semi-automatic and automatic versions are available in rotary arm designs.
There are then additional accessories available including a loading ramp, weigh scale, loading conveyers, and more! If pallet wrapping in different areas is required, mobile stretch wrappers are also available.

How do I choose between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic stretch wrap machines?
The choice depends on your volume of operations, desired efficiency, and specific application needs. Manual machines are suitable for lower volumes, while aoutmatic machines offer high efficiency for larger operations.

At SmartShield we strive to make our customers smile with packaging done right. With many stretch wrap machine choices we recommend you contact our sales team, who will asses your application to ensure you invest in the machine that best meets your performance requirements.

What is the Difference Between Manual, Semi-automatic, and Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines?

Manual stretch wrap machines: 
Manual stretch wrap machines as their name indicates are partially manually operated.
First the stretch wrap is loaded onto a dispenser. Then the operator attaches the wrap to the pallet. Next the operator starts the turntable, then lifts the dispenser up the vertical carriage as necessary to apply the wrap as desired. Once you are satisfied the wrapping is complete you stop the turn table, and cut the wrap. These machines are recommended for up to 25 loads per hour, (loads per hour vary depending on load sizes, number of wraps per load and loading/unloading speeds).
Manual stretch wrappers are only available in turntable designs. Most commonly manual stretch wrap machines are equipped with adjustable turntable speeds and, the tension on the film can also be manually adjusted. 

Mobile stretch wrap machines are designed for wrapping pallets in different areas, they run on rechargeable batteries and, are capable of 1-15 Loads per hour, (loads per hour vary depending on load sizes and number of wraps per load).

Semi automatic stretch wrap machines:
Semi automatic stretch wrappers as their name implies require some manual operation and some programmed operation.  They are simple to use, efficient, cost-effective and reliable.
First a skid is placed on the turntable, followed by the operator manually attaching the wrap to the load. Next the operator starts the cycle and, the machine wraps the load as programmed. Lastly, once the turn table returns to a stationary position the operator will need to cut the wrap.
There are a variety of adjustable features available on semi-automatic machines including the tension and speed, how many times it wraps at the base, how many wraps are done at the top, and how much wrap overlap there is. These machines are recommended for up to 40 loads per hour, (loads per hour vary depending on load sizes, number of wraps per load and loading/unloading speeds).

Automatic stretch wrap machines:
Automatic stretch wrappers are usually fed by a conveyer, these machines are similar to the semi automatic machines but they automatically attach the wrap to the load, run a wrap cycle, and then automatically cut the film.
These efficient packaging machines have all the adjustable features required, including the tension and speed, how many times it wraps at the base, how many wraps are done at the top, and how much wrap overlap there is. Loading ramps, loading conveyors and weigh scales are just some of the optional features available, ensuring they perform to meet customer expectations with efficiency, consistency and reliability.

For more details on pallet wrapping solutions please contact a sales representative.

What are the benefits of turntable and rotary arm stretch wrappers?

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Stretch Wrap Machines are available in turntable and rotary arm designs:

Turntable machines are the most common, with turntable design the pallet is loaded onto a circular plate that turns while applying the wrap to the skid.

Rotary arm machines are designed for heavy or unstable loads, you simply move your pallet into position and the arm rotates around the pallet while the pallet remains stationary. 

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