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Machine Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film and pallet wrap, is a plastic film with elastic memory properties that clings to itself and leaves no residue behind. It is commonly used to wrap products and cartons securely to pallets. Available in clear or coloured options, colour tinted stretch films are used for product organization during storage or to offer extra security during shipment. 

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  • Machine stretch wrap is used with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines. Click HERE for more information on stretch wrappers.
  • There are many stretch wrap options, clear stretch wrap is most common but colour tinted stretch wrap is ideal for international shipment to prevent pilferage or, for warehouse colour coding. Opaque Stretchwrap is available in black and white for use when product concealment is required or, to protect product from UV rays. Anti-static stretch films used to protect static sensitive electronic product from static discharge, during storage and transportation are also available.
  • Custom printing is available on both hand and machine stretch films, increasing your promotional opportunities and security during transit. For more details on stretch wrap options including cast or blown, high performance or pre-stretched, antistatic, or custom printing contact our sales team.
    For smaller volume users see hand stretch wrap and stretch wrap Dispensers 

Which Stretch Wrap Material Best Suits Your Application?

Cast and Blown Stretch Wrap: 
Cast film tends to be a more cost-effective stretch wrap choice as the manufacturing process is a lot faster than blown stretch film. However, blown stretch wrap offers greater durability and holding powers, therefore offering more security for heavier or larger loads. Both cast and blown films have their benefits, however cast is the most commonly used machine stretch film.  

For additional information visit our Knowledge Center:
Blown Stretchwrap vs Cast Stretchwrap 

Pre-Stretched Stretch Wrap:
Pre-stretched stretch wrap is exactly what its name suggests, it is a film that has been pre-stretched to approximately 90% during the manufacturing process, prior to being wound on the roll. It is therefore commonly thinner material (lower gauge). There are three main advantages of pre-stretched stretch wrap:  One; maximum material use is attained. Two; more environmentally friendly than alternative stretch wraps with less film required. Three; it reduces operator application effort.

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