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Increase productivity on your packaging or assembly line with a carton sealing tape dispenser designed to efficiently hold, dispense and cut tape. With a variety to choose from, reduce costs and increase productivity with less tape wastage and faster tape application.

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Packaging tape dispensers come in a variety of designs for different applications. They are available in regular duty and heavy duty, with and without retractable blades, with plastic or rubber feed wheels, with and without adjustable brakes, and different handle styles and materials. Standard tape dispensers are available in the following widths; 2”, 3”, and 4” with a 3” core. Bench mount unit options also available.
E-Tape dispensers are available in 2” and 3” widths and are specifically designed to be used with E-Tape, our specialty tape with a 1-1/2” core offering longer roll lengths and therefore less storage space and core wastage.
*Replacement Blades available.

Having Trouble Keeping Your Cartons Sealed?

 Here’s some simple tips that may help: 

  • Apply pressure; packing tape is pressure sensitive and needs to applied with pressure to adhere properly.
  • Ensure the tape is applied with at least 2 to 3 inches down each side of the box.
  • Putting a second layer of tape right on top of another for additional security is not effective, add your second layer in two strips, covering only approximately 50-60% of the first layer with each strip.
  • In some applications it may be more beneficial to do the β€˜H’ taping method: A strip down the centre to hold the flaps closed, then a strip along each of the two ends of the flaps.
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