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Safely ship breakable items in popular, tough, lightweight and cost-effective bubble mailers. Sturdily built with Kraft paper outer and 3/16” bubble inner layer for extra cushioning protection, and a peel and seal adhesive strip for tamper proof closure.

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Kraft bubble mailers are the most common and budget friendly bubble mailer option, constructed with 40lbs basis weight kraft paper, laminated to 3/16" bubble.

Benefits of  Self Seal Bubble Lined Kraft Mailers Include:

  • Ideal for shipping jewelry, small electronics or automotive parts, CDs or DVDs and more.
  • Side seams allow for seamless bottom offering maximum strength.
  • Labels adhere securely to the recycled kraft outer.
  • Conveniently available in a variety of sizes optimizing standard courier rates including Purolator, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. 
  • Custom printing available, promote your company, product or brand. 
  • Use with shipping & handling labels to ensure your valuable item reaches its destination without damage. 

More Bubble Lined Mailer Options:

  • Paper exterior: Gold kraft paper, 40lbs basis weight, laminated to 3/16" bubble.
    White kraft paper laminated to 3/16" bubble available by special order

  • Poly exterior: Multi-layer polyethylene film laminated to 3/16" bubble.
    For greater tear, puncture and water-resistance than paper exterior mailers.
    White outer provides an enhanced, professional, clean appearance. 
    Available by special order.

  • Contact a sales representative for more details on bubble mailer options


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