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Strap lacing rods, also known as strap sticks are designed to easily maneuver strapping to where it needs to be around your pallet loads. Simply clip the strap to the tip of the rod and feed strap through the seams of the pallet or into those tricky corners. 

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Strap sticks, or lacing rods are a sturdy metal design, used to feed polypropylene, polyester or cord strapping through pallets.

STRAP TYPE                            
Polypropylene Strapping: Light – Medium Duty Application
Polyester Strapping: Medium – Heavy Duty Application 
Steel Strapping: Heavy – Extra Heavy Duty Application 

Remember: Strapping is applied using tension, therefore when removing strapping materials use caution, eye protection is recommended.


Why use polypropylene strapping?
Polypropylene strapping is the most common form of plastic strapping, lightweight, economical and resistant to liquids and corrosives, widely used for light - medium duty applications including baling, carton closing and light weight pallets. Holding the title of the most versatile strapping material, it can be applied with manual tools, friction weld tools or semi and fully automatic strapping machines. It is also the most flexible strapping material, with high elongation properties it offers the most ‘stretch’ of all strapping materials, therefore it has the flexibility to easily bend around irregular shapes and withstand shock without breaking.

Why use Polyester strapping?
The most obvious difference between polyester and polypropylene strapping is their appearance, polyester is usually, though not always, smooth, glossy and green, while polypropylene has more colour variation and an embossed look. However, they do have their similarities, for example, both degrade in performance with exposure to UV or extreme temperature changes. But polyester strapping is definitely superior to polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping has breaking strengths closer to steel strapping capabilities and though it loses tension over time, it retains its tension much longer than polypropylene strapping. Polyester has a higher elasticity than metal strap, this means that polyester is able to stretch and give if your product shifts, expands or contracts during transit, reducing the risk of damaging your product.  Overall, unless you have a heavy, dense product that requires sturdy metal straps, polyester strapping is the perfect packaging alternative to steel; save on the costs of materials and labor, and increase productivity. Coils are lighter so more user friendly, softer material reduces potential damage to product, longer rolls meaning less roll changes and less warehouse space required. 

Why use Cord Strapping?
Cord strapping is available in a variety of widths and strengths, it may be hand tied for light applications or used with buckles for heavy duty applications. Cord Strap is manufactured from polyester fibers, offering higher strength and greater tear and shock resistance than standard polyester strapping. Cord strap is as strong as steel strapping but being a softer material, it is very user friendly and is less likely to damage product during transit. It can also be re-tensioned if required. Cord Strap is commonly used to secure heavy loads including bricks or stone, metal and lumber, and also used in agricultural and marine industries.

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