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As gummed Kraft paper tape adhesive is activated by water, a tape dispenser is an essential piece of equipment. Increase productivity on your packaging or assembly line with a manual or automatic tape dispenser, designed to efficiently hold, dispense and cut tape. With a variety to choose from save your company time and money with less tape wastage and faster tape application.

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Rugged construction gummed paper tape dispensers are simple to use and built to last, the adhesive on the back side of the tape is activated by water as it leaves the machine.

Which style paper tape dispenser best suits your application?

  • Manual units: Ideal for low quantity users, the tape is manually pulled across a set of brushes and then pulled over a cutter to cut the tape. 
  • Semi Manual units: For more frequent users a semi manual dispenser has a handle to dispense and cut the tape. 
  • Electric Units are operated with a simple push of a button that dispenses the desired length of tape and cuts it. These machines are very reliable and consistent, measuring and precisely cutting tape to the desired lengths.
    Optional inkjet printers are available.

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